Yuhi Hasegawa

Sara Omidvar


Nature drawn from abstraction. A hallucinatory pastoral scene, highly reminiscent of surrealism. Perhaps nature on acid is what comes to mind. Sounds funny, but you kind of have to take it seriously when you see it painted with such skill.

Hasegawa creates tribal-esque layered paintings with eclectic colors. Primitive faces and colorful masks are painted in dynamic and vibrant styles that are reminiscent of African art. He says, ““I am interested in the instinctive, and the primitive qualities of human being. Such as animalism and ritualization.”

Hasegawa attacks his paintings in a bold and free-form manner. Prior to painting, Hasegawa worked as a tattoo artist, which explains his balance of chaos and fine rendering. In the art of branding skin, there is no erasure. His paintings seem to express the same sincerity and confidence of tattoo art.

To view more of his paintings, please see his Website.