The Manyheaded Screaming Octopus Of The Pacific Northwest

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—in october the supermarket transferred me from the deli department to the

seafood department which means birds and mammals are out and fish are in—

in the lobby its a circle of dogs walking each other but at the higher levels of the

organization youll find the dogs walk in much more complex shapes —the russian

woman took monica no no to the elevator where together they ascended to the

thirtyseventh floor which opened up to a grey hallway— down to the right here is

the office for insight global which provides algorithmic marketing services for

ours and other churches —on my first day at the seafood section my boss takes

me to the stockroom which is reached through a long flight of descending stairs

the room is cavernous dimly lit and a thick wet groan bounces off the walls—the

first thing that monica noticed as she entered the waiting room of insight global

was that it was full of empty chairs—on the receptionists desk was a telephone

receiver and a small sign that said please pick up the phone and someone will be

with you shortly —monica picked up the phone said hello? and in reply heard a

dog barking—because the dog was in the next room over monica could hear the

dogsbark on both the phone receiver and through the offices walls—out a door

burst a strong black labrador wearing a dark blue business suit on its torso and a

bright red collar around its neck—monica and the russian woman followed the

dog down the hallway to a gigantic room full of many rows of tables and many

different sizes and breeds of dogs each wearing either one or two or three or four

or five red leashes on each of their red collars each leash connecting directly to

the collar of another dog with either one or two or three or four or five leashes on

its collar which were each connected to the collars of other dogs inside the big

room—all the leashes and all the dogs in the room were entangled overlapped

falling over and on each other and the sound of a thousand dogs screams

bounced off the walls— this room is where we keep our most prized creature the

manyheaded screaming octopus of the pacific northwest—