PS. (Theory)

Graphite Admin

2/2/20171 min read

usually mouse process:

Mouse---> interpretation---> narrative (further perpetuating the mice)

Mouse process, as of yesterday:

real Mouse---> un consensual dream----> real Mouse .......yikes yikes yikes


last night I had my first mouse dream ever, mice usually only gain importance when i write about them and make symbolic associations

but last night they actually entered my subconscious and dream

( symbolical existence become associated to real)

maybe because I was trying to catch this one mouse in my room before I fell asleep

anyways in the dream escaped mice had given birth and there were thousands of them but some were mutated and half formed with huge eyes

All crawling towards me but never menacing

the real mice and the mouse narrative, though seemingly romanticized and fantastical have always still operated realistically in terms of symbolic status to body and space but with this new dream presence mouse status has become more confused

the exact place of the interlude is unclear xx


(this is not Alix, new bodily conditions this week)