New Ceramics from Shoshi Kanokohata and Kathleen Ryan


Shoshi Kanokohata, thesis installation view, New Wight Gallery, 2014

As the countdown approaches its close, we present for you images of work by Shoshi Kanokohata and Kathleen Ryan, both of whom received their MFA in Ceramics from UCLA this year. Both artists create beautifully striking work that differs significantly from each other, despite their studios being down the hall from each other. The following images are from Kanokohata and Ryan’s thesis exhibitions at the New Wight Gallery at UCLA.

Kanokohata, thesis installation detail

Kanokohata will be joining us at the launch on June 6 at the Hammer as a participant in chain interviews between contributors to the journal.

Kathleen Ryan, thesis installation view, New Wight Gallery, 2014

Ryan, thesis installation view

Ryan’s work will be featured in a number of upcoming shows this summer; at Helmuth Projects in San Diego, as well as at Night Gallery and Richard Telles in Los Angeles.

Ryan, thesis installation detail

Kanokohata, thesis installation view

Kanokohata, thesis installation detail

Stay tuned for more contributor profiles and interviews, and join us at the launch on Friday the 6th at the Hammer museum.