Interview with Sarah Ross

Moderated by Gozie Ojini, this interview with artist Sarah Ross covers her work in GRAPHITE Journal's tenth issue, her teaching career, and how her greater body of work further explores the themes of class and race.

Goose Ojini

5/25/20191 min read

Sarah Ross is an artist who works in sculpture, video and photo. Her projects use narrative and the body to address spatial concerns as they relate to access, class, anxiety and activism. Sarah also works collaboratively with other artists on projects such as Compass (of the MRCC), Regional Relationships, Chicago Justice Torture Memorials, and Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project. She has co-curated exhibitions at SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles, and PS122, New York. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute Chicago and is a co-organizer of the Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project, an arts and humanities initiative at Stateville Prison.