greetings loved 1s we have been reformatting!


wanted to break some-things! that is to say, WE’RE OVER. let’s play a new game! new rules err another role that is ...

  • not necessarily palatable to an human being nor necessarily oppositional Either [?] to antics or tactics of offense [?]

  • cuddling, puzzling, muddling, jamming, fucking banters

  • anti-banter, anti-matter, anti-latter ("ladder")

  • taken shape which is to say Having form even if only as our secondary attempt
    maybe not clean in the sense of community guidelines but at least Organic in the sense of cultivating of various intersections, raw [ant]agonism and other heirloom urthworm feelings, little strands;

  • a passing curiosity as to the meaning of: “multidisciplinary” inhibited by printed publications and formalities best that is too web 2.0 "hello worlds," 20thcentury "good mornings" america and NOW waking up on the wrong side of the web

  • excited to open up