Fastest Video Ever?

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Video art works and movies are becoming faster than ever. Average shot lengths are going down and cuts per second are going u


Brian Sohn’s vine account

Taken 3 (the whole movie has a 1.7 average shot length. This clip has 15 cuts in 6 seconds):

Roamie View History Enhancement and other movies by Trecartin collaborative group:

The Bourne Ultimatum:

Mad Max: Fury Road:

Notably, many of these videos and movies feature moving cars!

There is a physical or digital limit somewhere to how many cuts per second video can have, and I believe we must reach it. We will break the medium of video by reaching its max speed. This human achievement will open the door for new art and new manifestations of image and sound transit through our lives!

Possible limits that the fastest video ever could reach:
-Max speed of a digital monitor.
-Max speed of a digital projector.
-Max speed of a film projector.
-Editing software’s ability to play each frame for a supremely small amount of time.
-Our eyes’ capacity to see different images over a supremely small amount of time.

In my next post, I will propose some ideas for how to create the fastest video ever.