DMZ / 디엠지

Andy Seungu Choi

5/22/20211 min read

Andy Seungu Choi, one of the writers featured in Issue XII, supplemented his essay "Tourist Infrastructure and State Terror on Jeju Island: Tourist Facilities, Militarization, and the Jeju Massacare" with this video essay on the DMZ.

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) runs 250 kilometers across the Korean Peninsula, bisecting Korea for almost 70 years. Through the use of digital satellite and street view imagery, I traced the DMZ and its surrounding communities in both the north and the south, a feat that would be impossible in the physical world. "DMZ 디엠지" illustrates the two geographies that collide and subsume each other: oppressive geographies of spatial control and the ethereal, static geographies of the cyberspace.

Andy Seungu Choi is a writer of the Korean diaspora and a student of ecological restoration and creative writing. His work has been featured by the Asian American Writers' Workshop, LibroMobile, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, the Liyang Network, and elsewhere. You can reach him on his Instagram @koreaarchive..